Experiential Tech Learning & Help Local Communities

10X Hub is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to provide unique experiential learning workshops for middle school and high school students coupled with high impact volunteering experiences through helping local community groups, other non-profit organizations and local small businesses in Ontario with technologies. From websites to automation to AI, we empower communities to expand and grow while our younger generation gain real-world experiences through experiential learning workshops. It’s a win-win for all; achieving 10X impact.


Our Simple Concept

10X Hub teaches middle and high school students about technology. In our workshops, students work on real projects from small businesses or local groups instead of spending hours on mockup projects that get thrown away. This way, their efforts are impactful and not wasted. Furthermore, students gain real-world experience and volunteer hours that can contribute to their resumes. At the same time, our program helps local communities and small businesses solving their technology problems.  

Our program creates a circle of impact, where students gain valuable skills and experience, and local communities and small businesses benefit from their work. This efficient, mutually beneficial setup generates a 10X impact, enriching both students’ lives and the community.

Foster Talents to Solve Real World Tech Problem

Our goal for the experiential learning workshops is to immerse real-life problems directly into the curriculum of our workshops, ensuring that high school students not only learn but also actively solve real-world issues. Experiential learning and real-life experiences can significantly contribute to the growth and enhancement of students’ profiles and resumes. While today’s youth are immersed in technology—from cellphones to laptops—they may lack the ability to apply their tech knowledge to solve business challenges effectively.  Our initiative bridges this gap by connecting student volunteers with local communities and businesses, empowering them to acquire invaluable hands-on experiences in instructor guided and engaging workshops.  Furthermore, through tailored workshops, we equip students with new skills that translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions, enabling them to address real-world challenges with confidence and innovation.

Fuel Small Businesses' Growth in Ontario

Many small businesses excel at what they do, yet they may lack technical expertise in creating websites, online shops, establishing a presence on Google Maps, or developing forms—skills that are considered basic in the technology world. Often, a small business owner might not even have enough knowledge to hire the right team and might waste a lot of money throughout the process.  Meanwhile, these technical skills are second nature to the tech-savvy younger generation. Our program aims to bridge this gap by uniting small businesses in Ontario with the younger tech-savvy generation.


10X Impact

Our approach emphasizes experiential learning, where high school students learn and gain valuable volunteering experience by actively assisting small businesses and local communities. Rather than learning with mock up projects or learning on paper, our program focuses on providing students with real-world challenges that enable them to apply their skills and knowledge in practical settings. Through this hands-on experience, students not only contribute to the growth of local communities and small businesses but also develop essential leadership, presentation and technical skills. This symbiotic relationship between students and small businesses fosters a dynamic learning environment where both parties benefit. Students gain meaningful experiences while businesses receive valuable assistance, creating a win-win situation for all involved. Our program provides a strong foundation for Ontario with both growing businesses and talented youths.